Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Roseanne Weighs in on Gaza

Roseanne Barr on her website attacks Israel viciously, with rhetoric worthy of Hamas or the PLO. The Hezbollah would love her. For she is more than sympathetic to the Palestinians living in Gaza; she equates Israelis with Nazis and laments their “atrocities.” I do not know Roseanne Barr. I don’t know her background; I never even watched her television program. But I have been reading her website pages and I am shocked that this American actress is so biased against Israel that she could write so many lies. She claims that Israelis are evil and should be stopped. What should they stop doing, I ask? Stop defending themselves? Yes, more are dying on the other side now that Israel has decided to take action against the constant rocket attacks.

But then the rocket attacks are not new – and every time the Arabs have promised to stop sending rockets into Israel, they are quiet for a short time. But they do not seek peace. They are interested in the annihiliation of the Jewish state. Roseanne, on the other hand, claims ignorance of this, and says she would like a "two-state solution," and feels that Jerusalem should be divided into three: Christian, Jewish and Muslim (the Pope should have his piece of the property too, acording to the newly savvy Middle Eastern expert). We should count ourselves fortunate that Roseanne has not decided to go into politics.

Roseanne, have you been listening to the Arabs addressing the world? They do not speak of peace. They speak of destroying Israel and they tell their own people that Israelis are being slaughtered and they lie to their people about the numbers of casualties on both sides and encourage violence. They now claim they will not stop firing rockets into Israel until Israel withdraws from Gaza. But they have said this before, only to get Israel to withdraw and then they begin again.

The Arabs show the world pictures of civilians and women and children being killed and wounded. But take a look at videos shot in Gaza by others. You can find them on YouTube. And yes the militants in Gaza are Hamas terrorists. Yes, they are terrorists and cannot be likened to an LA gang! Why you think they are like LA gang members is beyond me; they an LA gang look like something right out of West Side Story. Yes they are sometimes murderers, but they don't have suicide bombers and shoot rockets into the rest of the city.

But Hamas members will grab a child on the streets of Gaza and use the child as a shield. This is not a new practice with them. These terrorists who claim to value human life set up all their operations in the most densely populated areas. This is their way of forcing the other side to wind up causing civilian casualties, although Israel goes to the trouble of dropping leaflets, announcing on the air and even doing robocalls to try to urge the civilians to get out of the way. Have you ever heard of any other “evil” forces going to this trouble to avoid civilian casualties?

Have you also noticed that in Gaza there is no real army with distinguishable uniforms? A soldier is basically fighting whoever is shooting, or in any other way appears to be offering resistance by having explosives or other weapons. Since it is difficult to tell the combatants, how is it that outsiders can figure out exactly how many civilians have been hit? How can they determine who is not a combatant? Can you? Israeli soldiers have had 14-year old boys shooting at them.

These same people who claim to value life are raising a generation of children on hate, teaching them that the most glorious thing in the world is to grow up to be a suicide bomber. They now have a cadre of suicide bombers, male and female, willing to murder and commit suicide in order to become a martyr. So, tell me, Roseanne, is this how they value life?

Israel left Gaza three years ago, and did the people there begin developing the areas in any way, aside from beginning a campaign of sending rockets into Israel? They were left buildings and homes by the Israelis, and the response to that was destruction. No, most of the people in Gaza are not even terrorists, but they are not in control of their lives either.

Hamas promised them everything if they were “elected.” They said they would provide riches and would take care of them in every way. Since Hamas has come into power, their lot is worse than it was before, because their leaders are militants. There is no way around it. Hamas is a terrorist organization committed to the destruction of Israel.

Where does Hamas get its weapons? From Iran. Are you sympathetic toward them as well, Roseanne? Iran gets weapons to Hamas through Egypt. That’s the same Iran whose president said he would like to see Israel taken off the face of the earth; this is the same Iran that is developing its nuclear capability. The same Iran who is openly hostile to the Untied States. And, believe me, that has nothing to do with Israel. With no Israel, we would not have Iran as a friend. Iran’s goal at present is to make headway with its grand plan of creating a new Persian empire in the Middle East. Good ole’ W has helped the Iranians with that by creating chaos in the Middle East with the war that shouldn’t have been.

Unfortunately, Gaza is the war that has to be. Hamas now has rockets capable of going deeply into Israel and they have not let up their attacks. Tell me, Roseanne, if a neighboring country were sending rockets into your backyard, would you consider acceptable and just hide in your basement? Or would you get good and angry and try to stop it? It sounds to me as if you are capable of being good and angry, but I wonder how you’ve decided where to direct your anger.

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