Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poor Players and Sore Losers

The gang of Republicans left in Congress has almost no moderates among them. Sadly, John McCain was once mistakenly thought to be one. In the last election, despite his attempting to present himself as a maverick, everyone asked where the old McCain had gone to. Well, now we know. He went nowhere. And that’s the story. The real problem with McCain is that he is not the brightest bulb in the pack, and the strident John Boehner, who has gotten the remaining Republicans organized behind him, unfortunately, has the leadership of a bully. And there he stands, kicking out. No fresh ideas, no understanding, and no true leadership. Only the leader of the pack.

These conservatives in Congress reinforce their stale rhetoric and worn out ideas, and don’t seem to notice that the country isn’t with them. Boehner told the press before meeting with Obama that his group in the House was going to vote against the stimulus. Then after meeting with the president, he whined that Republicans had no input into the bill. Did he have any good ideas? Not that any of us heard. Did he go into the meeting in good faith? Hard to believe when he committed publicly that he was against “it.”

As for McCain and his bosom buddy, Lindsay Graham who knows how to throw a mean tantrum on camera, the notion of cutting the stimulus in half while upping the tax cuts at the same time appears a frightening thought. Even with the stimulus bill that passed, so many economists worried that it may not be enough. And I don’t think many people in the country are ready to continue accepting the nonsense that tax cuts stimulate the economy. We’ve had too many years of seeing that idea fail to stimulate anything but offshore accounts.

Calling the stimulus a lot of spending seems rather comical as I wonder how one creates jobs without spending money. Has anyone figured out how to make money without spending money? What I do like about the stimulus package, imperfect as it is, is that the concern for education, energy, healthcare and helping the states are all there. Perhaps there should be more, but they are crucial to stimulating this country back to its feet. And dealing with the energy and healthcare issues as well as education are necessary to a better, more prosperous future.

Too many people are not working and too many more see an abyss in their careers. President Obama is appreciated for unwavering approach to dealing with a problem and for making overtures to the Republicans while at the same time not allowing their rejection posture inhibit what needed to be done. Bravo! McCain, Graham and the others do not seem to even understand what has happened. They may be in trouble for reelection.

What is more to the point: these Republicans, with the exception of Senators Snowe, Collins and Spector, seem to be a group of politicians more concerned with histrionics than compassion. It would certainly do them all a world of good to feel what it’s like to lose your job.

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