Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Michelle Bachmann is at it again

Representative Michelle Bachmann, whose intellect does not challenge that of a potato, has now surpassed even her past incredulous statements of saying that Obama really does pal around with terrorists and is a socialist. Her latest, and heaven help us were this to be the last, is to blame the current swine flu spread to the president.

What's more, she erroneously points out that the last major health panic was also under a Democratic president (Carter) when it in fact happened under Ford. But, that aside, how logic would bring anyone to the point of blaming a flu outbreak to any president is beyond understanding. Do her constituents back home really see that their representative not only has a tendency to speak glibly but also inanely? Her ignorance, coupled with stupidity and zeal, make for potential mischief-making on a calibre not be ignored.

Michelle Bachmann confirms the rumor that there must be many voters who truly do not know who they vote for or are so blindly aligned with their party that they ignore doing what is best for themselves and their country. Nobody needs to be represented by someone at this extremely low level of ethics and intelligence. Bachmann's integrity, if she ever had any, must have been lost somewhere between voting day and swearing in, and her naked ambition is embarrassing for its insensitivity and craven self-seeking.

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