Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Be Sure You Know What You Stand For

I’ve been watching town hall meetings on television for days, and was particularly dismayed by a meeting in Pennsylvania that was crammed with overwrought constituents venting highly charged rhetoric. One young woman begged the senator to return the nation to the Constitution because she didn’t want this country to become another Russia, and a middle-aged gentleman shrieked about socialism and having a dictator. The crowd seemed to accept that we had already become a socialist nation with Obama as our dictator! Unbelievable! Where do they get this stuff from?

What have these people been drinking? Or better, what radio programs have they been listening to? Which TV ads have they been fed to brainwash them into thinking healthcare reform is the devil?

Suddenly we have town hall meetings all over the country full of patriotic people who are terrified because we have overnight become “socialist” and no longer adhere to the Constitution. Yes, these people populating town halls appear quite prepared to accept the notion that Barack Obama, who has returned the Constitution to us and descried torture and abuse, is our dictator.

Where were all these patriots when George W. Bush threw away our Constitution, and his administration took us into an era of torture of prisoners and eavesdropping on American citizens? And don’t forget firing federal attorneys who were not politically acceptable, or outing a CIA operative to punish her husband who disagreed with policy. Or better yet dragging us into a preemptive war with lies. Not a peep out of these people.

Have any of these people stopped to think? Even for a moment? Hey, people, who do you think is paying for these ads? And what do they have to gain by filling you with such vitriol? If we do not have healthcare reform, we all go down. Except for health insurance companies. It’s as simple as that.

Obama will not go down. Our country will go down, because our economy cannot sustain the American way of healthcare with our greedy insurance companies. We are that desperate for restructuring. Blocking health care reform will plague us. Since the cost of healthcare takes up too large a part of our economy, our expenditure for it will continue to hold down the growth and resurgence of the economy. It does not allow us to compete with the rest of the civilized world who have discovered that they need not pay as much as we do for healthcare and yet enjoy better health than we! There is certainly something wrong here! We must develop a wellness model of medical care, as most of our major health issues are culturally driven, and can thus be reversed with education.

Meanwhile these people shriek about losing their choices. Isn’t it rather ironic that many fear government standing between them and their doctors when in fact the insurance company is already there? And for a lot more money every year too. And that price continues to escalate at wild rates, and yet I heard many people voicing the idea that a public government option would take away their right to choose their own doctor, deny them treatment and even have death panels and other horrible things which, by the way, if you stop to think about it, the insurance companies have themselves been promulgating for years!

It is the public option that would stand in the way of these companies perpetuating these practices of denying insurance to people with catastrophic illness, preexisting conditions and well -- you get the picture. I hope.

As for the price tag, healthcare reform will in the long run not only rally the economy, but also bring down the deficit. Yes, it can.

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