Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama and the Nobel

Like many others, I was stunned to read this morning that President Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. But after I read the Nobel Committee’s reasoning behind the award, I have to say that I saw this award in another light. As specifically stated, it is for what he has accomplished in the way he has reset the entire pattern of global relationships and aspirations. He has begun the process of making the United Nations live up to its name of inclusive rather than exclusive in trying to unite all nations and set positive goals, as for example, nuclear disarmament and reduction in global warming. He has brought the United States into a leadership role rather than shirking such responsibility and led the way in inspiring others to follow him in aspiring to the ambitious aims that could mean world prosperity and peace. Will he succeed in any of these goals that he so very gracefully began? None of us knows. But obviously many of us hope and more than that, wish to throw in our support. The Nobel Committee has done so in a most public way, using the weight of its lofty position to give its approval to his agenda. Thus I believe that the Award was given to him not just in recognition of his efforts (yes, his efforts) but to aid the realization of those goals.

What has been disheartening is that from the moment of the announcement, there were disparaging remarks about Obama not being worthy of the award. From people in countries whose agenda is in direct opposition to peace and disarmament, it was to be expected. But from those in our own country whose sole goal appears to be the usual game of partisan politics, it is nothing less than vulgar. Disparaging the president in these circumstances is nothing less than showing poor taste in not being a citizen proud of our country and its president. This is an international award that should make every citizen proud that we have once more been recognized for being the leader of the free world. His leadership qualities have been very much on display in every international forum he has attended. How he quietly comes onto the scene and becomes the focus is nothing short of amazing. Obama has used this advantage as a global bully pulpit to further goals of peace and prosperity on an international scale.

The Nobel Committee is throwing its weight behind Barack Obama to realize these worthy goals of bringing peace and his work in no less than taking the necessary efforts to save the planet; they are saying in essence that they are doing what they can to bring attention to his grand but necessary agenda and put its “seal of approval” on these worthy aims. Let’s all hope they succeed.

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