Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Partiality of Polling

The tyranny of polling has reached utterly idiotic proportions among news agencies, most particularly CNN and Fox. I don't understand how a poll can be taken on a complex subject, with the inherent danger of asking questions couched in terms that are very likely biased, if not downright incorrect, and then answered by people who are not qualified to understand what they are being asked.

Most people, including many in our Congress, do not have enough of a background in economics to be able to comprehend and discuss issues on the economy and debt intelligently, and yet polls are taken in which people are asked to toss off an opinion on these matters as if one did not need expertise.

Having people offer uninformed nonsense about serious topics trivializes what is imparted as news and misleads viewers. It does not give credence to any network having “the best news team in television,” a sobriquet that must be earned with more serious journalistic work than putting together poll after poll, as if this were made up of facts.

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