Friday, January 22, 2010

Scott and Sarah and the Fate of Healthcare

The newly minted Senator Brown can be seen in some ways as being a male Sarah Palin, albeit more articulate and educated. What makes me think of Sarah when I look at Scott is the strong reminder of how they both trade on good looks, and they both lie. Big time. Brown campaigned all over his state crying out that he was going to stop health care reform in Congress so that the people in Massachusetts would not have to pay for everyone else’s healthcare in the country.

Of course that is quite a whopper, if you’ll excuse the expression. But then again, not only did many in that state believe this nonsense, but please remember: they don’t care about healthcare reform because they already have universal healthcare. It may not be the most serious contender to Sarah's winning "Liar of the Year" in 2009 for her Death Panel speeches, but combined with his Senate seat and its voting privilege Brown may be in the running for 2010.

The point is that the very hypocritical Senator Brown should not be able to crush a bill that would give to the rest of the country what the people of his state not only already have, but obviously appreciate having.

It would be a serious blunder to not pass healthcare reform, even if it is not perfect, and it certainly won’t be. But to attempt to maintain what we have is not only untenable but an invitation to the healthcare industry to continue jacking up the prices on everything as they have been doing on a regular yearly basis.

Business as usual in the healthcare industry translates to a tremendous barrier to getting our economy on its feet any time soon.

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