Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rush to Judgment

The Far Right Wing has not only taken over the Republican party but have dedicated themselves to doing nothing but work on tearing down the Administration, whether it's bad for the country or not. They have an agenda, and they don't let facts get in their way. Since Obama is so busy multi-tasking so many truly crucial issues, I can see where he really doesn't have time for all this toxic rhetoric, and may not appreciate how many people are ready to believe anything if they hear it repeated three times.

I think Obama has been done a disservice. He has been an excellent president and has not been given credit for what he has accomplished. And by the way, as many seem to have “forgotten,” the "bank bailout," necessary as it was, was actually done under Paulsen and Bush.

The healthcare bill was a landmark accomplishment that was not as strong as it should have been but the best that could be done for the time being. I don't know about you, but a friend recently diagnosed with cancer is very grateful that the insurance company cannot drop her now, or claim she's reached the limit of her benefits!

As for the automakers, they are coming back strong and that is good for the country, as is everything else that has been passed during Obama’s term in office so far, including the new credit card guidelines and the stimulus, which once again was too small but as much as could be pushed through this contentious Congress, because we now have Republicans who refuse to do anything but say no and claim to stick to their “principles.” That means being against whatever the other side wants, good or bad for the country.

This hardly resembles anything like Bush’s rather clumsy approach to half-heartedly governing and allowing “anything to happen,” as if he had no say, except for rushing into Iraq, rationalizing it with a bunch of lies. The meltdown of Wall Street as well as so many other impending calamities could not have been achieved in a short time and yet too many people expect everything to be fixed yesterday. We now have an administration that seems to be full of people with brains and a president who listens to them. Let them do their work. We let the last president do his worst; let’s now let this one do his best.

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