Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rape is Rape is Rape

It saddens me deeply that so many people were duped into believing the lies. So much so that they elected all these Republicans back into Congress. Such short memories. So many people who can't seem to think for themselves, but let the latest political slogans, much like the prime-time ads for pharmaceuticals, make up their minds for them.

How prescient Jefferson was in declaring that it takes an educated electorate to have a successful democracy. The majority in the country used to be fairly well educated, and now it would be safe to say that the majority are rather uneducated. Precisely when this happened is unclear. But clearly much of what is happening today would not be so were there more savvy people among the voters.

This week, in Congress, the House found further distractions to keep them from doing the business of dealing with the real problems we have in this country.It appears that a group of MEN have decided to change the definition of a rather old, established word that denotes a crime almost always committed against WOMEN.

Amid this great display of arrogance and ignorance, they somehow have extrapolated that should the definition of rape be changed, some cases of rape would not pass muster as "real" rape. Exactly what would constitute real rape and "phony" rape should be an interesting exercise in semantics although it seems that some of the men in Congress have got the strange notion that if the alleged rape did not involve some sort of violence, well, then it's not really rape, is it?

Now the truth is that I suspect these men don't give a damn about rape. Or, more to the point, any woman who has been raped, since this entire charade is solely for the purpose of denying women the right to an abortion should pregnancy result from the attack. The temerity of changing the meaning of a word in order to attempt to erase the actualization of rape is unbelievable. To deny help to these women (and sometimes children). What a very sheltered group of men. Also very mean spirited.

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