Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jimmy Carter's Brand of Foreign Policy

Jimmy Carter, not one of our more illustrious presidents, has made a career, and not incidentally a fortune, as a lobbyist for the Saudis. That he now comes out with an op ed piece in the Washington Post rallying for political unity between Hamas and the Palestine Authority should be no surprise. But it does seem a rather fatuous position for an American politician in light of the fact that such an alliance would then put Hamas on the West Bank, their missiles in range of any point in Israel. Anyone who doubts they would use this advantage must keep in mind that they have never wavered from their assertion that Israel must be eradicated.

We now have a case for a law prohibiting any ex-president from becoming a lobbyist for a foreign country, whether friend or foe. In all our history, there has never seemed to be the need for such a law since one could claim this prohibition to be common sense. But Jimmy Carter has now made the case----for Hamas uniting with the PA----but for barring ex-presidents from taking on lobbying positions for foreign governments.

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