Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paul Bruni wrote in today’s New York Times: “To Grover Norquist, Washington is an indiscriminate glutton, and extra taxes are like excess calories, sure to bloat the Beast.” But that seems an inaccurate statement as to Norquist, there really is no such thing as “excess” taxes considering that he’s insisted all his cohorts in Congress sign pledges to raise absolutely no revenues! Considering our debt, as well as the fact that most people, particularly the wealthy, are now enjoying the lowest tax rates of their lives, it is certainly strange, to say the least.

And as for that Constitution that Norquist and his fellow tea partiers claim to revere as a bible, I think he and they should have a closer look at it. Taxes are mentioned in so many places. Why, even in Section 1, article 8, our founding fathers said that Congress is empowered to levy and collect taxes in order to pay the county’s debts and provide needed services. They had that right. Incidentally, the rush to get that Constitution ratified was as tension-filled as what is going on today. You see, Congress needed to get that Constitution passed in order to take care of the many debts incurred from the war, and this document gave them the legal authority to collect the taxes to do so. So much for these petty demagogues ready to go off the cliff and take us with them.

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