Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rush Limbaugh's Utter Lack of Decency

When asked for their comments on Rush Limbaugh's calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute, both Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann demanded that they receive apologies from everyone on the left because they have been "insulted" numerous times. Well, perhaps, but although calling politicians such as Palin and Bachmann stupid may not be the height of savoir-faire, it does not translate into insulting all women. In fact, it increasingly appears that this is not an insult so much as an appellation.

On the other hand,to say that a woman who expects to receive contraception as part of her health care package is a slut or prostitute is in essence insulting almost all women, since about 98 percent of women in this country use contraception at one time or another. And, in fact, most women who are even somewhat well off usually receive contraception as part of their health care package. In truth, the women who do not are those who are most in need of it because they can least afford a child, usually having little means of supporting one.

The religious issue is a serious one mainly for those who believe that their religion is the only true religion and that there should be no separation of Church and State. No one is ever forced to use birth control. Catholic or evangelical employers do not go against conscience because an employee uses contraception. They should look to their own families, and not everyone else's. They in fact know that is so, but they are looking for ways to skimp on medical insurance. Conscience is always a good line. Even if almost every Catholic woman in this country uses contraception. Santorum and Romney are unlike most people in this country, not only for their large families, but because they can afford them.

Those who talk of not wanting “their money” to go toward supplying a woman with contraception, well I have news for you. Your money does not pay for it. The money comes from those who paid for the individual insurance plans (usually the employer or employee) or as now promised, the pharmaceutical companies themselves when necessary. In addition, your money, my money, everyone’s money always goes toward something we don’t like. That’s called democracy.

One final comment I must make, and that is about Rush Limbaugh’s most egregious comment about the “what are you going to give us for our money?” gambit and demanding that “we should be supplied with film showing what we’re getting for our money.” In other words, the notion of producing sex tapes and receiving them from a woman who receives birth control. Truly, that must the most disgusting thing he said, and I am surprised at everyone shying away from it. Why is this pig still on the air? Don’t forget that he only apologized for using “those two words.”


Beverly Diehl said...

Hi Barbara, found my way here through a link of HuffPo.

Like much of what you have to say, but I am HORRIFIED that among the ads on your page is a big blinking one "Click here to overturn Roe vs. Wade, protect unborn babies, etc."

Can you contact Google and see if you can screen those out, or do you want them on your blog?

Elsa Peterson said...

Excellent essay, Barbara. I couldn't agree more. I continue to be completely mystified (not!) about why Catholic institutions don't make a big fuss about providing Viagra and other erectile dysfunction treatments for unmarried men.