Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If It Ain't Barack, Don't Fix It!

I've become a politics addict in the last few months, and it hasn't abated one bit in the past few weeks, despite the workload, other activites and outside interests. I've never felt so involved in an election and I've also never felt so saddened by what's been happening in this country. We've had an administration for almost eight years whose stupdity has been surpassed only by thier foolishness. And yet the country seems on the verge of electing another pair of people so poorly suited to the White House that I cringe just thinking about it. But the fact is that the country can't afford to have more of the same.

McCain was one of about 600 prisoners of war kept together as a group. But he relates his horrific experience as if "he were practically the only one" and wasn't one of a large group - no better and no worse (though I'm not sure how many others "broke"). What has begun to annoy me greatly lately however is that I hear in McCain's speeches a tone suggesting that we "owe" him the presidency for his service. That he "earned" it by being a captive!

Since he doesn't seem to know the difference being a Shi'ite and a Sunni and still hasn't figured out that Iraq and Pakistan do not share a common border, I would question his earning even his senator's seat. As for economics, his embracing Reagan's and Bush's old-line Republican policies that cripple the economy and starve the middle classes would march this country on the road to total disaster. As we dig ourselves deeper into debt, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia quietly buy up our country. One bridge, one highway, one building, one port at a time. They don’t have to make war with us. They will soon own us. Including that road to nowhere, good riddance to that.

But seriously, we are in very deep trouble in so many areas - foreign policy and the wars we are waging abroad, the economic and cultural wars at home that include healthcare, education, the budget and trade deficits, immigration. Need I go further? What of the current economic meltdown?

To point up how seriously we must think about who our next president should be: folks - for the first time in human history, we are living in a world capable of destroying itself.

We need a thoughtful, intelligent person leading the country, one educated and smart enough to deal with world leaders as well as myriad social and economic challenges. With hostile heads of state and conflicting interests at home, our problems are many and intricate, sensitive and difficult for many to even grasp. McCain is simply not up for the job - he is, to put it bluntly -- too stupid. He, like Bush, would simplify everything; he sees the world as a place where he wants to make sure his friends and family are taken care. Anybody else? Who else is there??

It is imperative that this time around people do not vote against their own best interests! It doesn’t matter what gender, what color the candidate is if we have one who is truly competent – we need someone capable of staying cool in hot situations and making decisions based on good reasoning and much advice from diverse advisers. Not a so-called “war hero” and a shrill dame who can zing out the one-liners written for her and then make sure to remain closeted against the up close and personal scrutiny of the press.

Check the facts -- go to Web sites such as factcheck.org, Snopes.com, Politifact.com and other nonpartisan groups that do research on what is being bandied about. Check as many as you can to make sure you learn everything you can about this election and the candidates running. I sincerely believe that after careful analysis, you will also come to realize that Barack Obama must be elected the next president.


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