Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Palin and the Press

How long is the press going to continue to allow the McCain camp to shelter their delicate flower of a candidate as if she were a major rock star. Interesting approach to running for office, but it should not be tolerated.

It’s about time someone spoke out about this “celebrity” game the Republicans are playing with their candidate! If one is running for high office, it is not fair to hide — or be hidden. If it’s too tough to have press conferences, maybe the candidate is not up to running for the office. Biden must have given about 70 press conferences by now - for better or worse. And forget any sexist aspect of it — the issue has to do with the fundamental nature of our political system. In a democracy a candidate is supposed to be accessible, in other words, to be out there. Really out there. Isn’t that the American way?

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