Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why Doesn't Anyone Care?

There is one aspect of Palin’s campaign yet to be mentioned, and it surprises me. If the Democratic vice presidential candidate were a governor who was being investigated for abuse of power and had an investigation hanging over his head, there would be a hue and cry for him to step down. Republicans would be the loudest and most vehement. Even independents (where are you people?) would be thinking that it seems quite unwise to elect someone who may yet be found guilty of abusing her gubernatorial office. Since Sarah considers qualified for everything in the world without even having to think about it, obviously someone else has to bring this up. For the interest of the country, we should not even be considering electing another tainted official. Are all the men afraid of hurting the little lady’s feelings? Hey, guys, she should be getting the same scrutiny a man would receive in her position.

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