Friday, October 17, 2008

About that Washington Post Endorsement

I was glad to see the Washington Post endorsement, which if not unqualified nonetheless notes that Obama is their choice. It's not his first endorsement and not likely to be the last. Surely, in the thoughts of some of the endorsers is the issue of Palin. And while it is true that McCain’s running mate is without doubt unqualified, an important point to remember is that McCain’s judgment has never been his strong suit. Neither has his temperament—nor his brains. He is quite frankly an amiable adulterer with a wife who would not be the best role model for the daughters of those who claim to be voting for him on the basis of their religion (yes, we still have those, though they may actually have another reason they don’t care to discuss).

The truth is that Obama is the better candidate and the right man for this time in our history. We need his steady nerves and keen intellect, and his propensity for surrounding himself with the best, whether advisers or consultants. He has a personality that seems open to ideas, and in short embodies all that we found lacking in our current commander-in-chief, for whom few have any respect left. Obama is not perfect, but he does offer hope and a few other vital qualities that have been in short supply in the Oval Office.

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