Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can McCain Take Charge of His Campaign, or Is He Already in Charge?

If John McCain is the nominee of the Republican Party, then he is supposedly the leader of said Republican Party. I take it that also means he is the head of his own campaign. Accepting that, I have to then wonder whether McCain has no control over his campaign staff, or if he in fact condones the ugliness now emanating from his side of the campaign. All I know is that I have never seen this much hate being spewed in a presidential campaign. And I’ve lived through a good number of them.

There is no equivalent coming from the other side. In order to achieve that, the Obama people would have to go beyond swiftboating, and they have not touched that or in fact any personal aspect of McCain’s life. Keating is not personal, and further Keating is documented Congressional testimony. McCain was indeed one of the “Keating Five.” He was chastised for poor judgment. He continues to exhibit poor judgment.

How nasty can it get? Demagogue is not part of the official job description for vice president of the United States. If McCain and his cohorts manage to pull a victory out of their crusade of lies and hate, they will be greatly handicapped in their efforts to govern. They will have created too deep a fissure in the delicate makeup of this country, a land that is becoming more divided each day Palin is allowed to spew her venom. And if Obama succeeds to the presidency, McCain would have still made the healing of this country a difficult process.

Following this campaign on television, I see more destruction wreaked on our country every day. Make no mistake. This is the sort of damage that has many victims. To incite people to get so worked up that they look as wild as some of the crowds we’ve seen at Sarah Palin’s campaign stops, screaming “terrorist” and “kill him!” among other things should not be considered acceptable as part of this or any campaign.

For myself, I find it difficult to forgive McCain for this deep wound he is inflicting on a country to which he once gave service.

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