Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Say It ain't So, Joe

Dear Joe,

It’s amazing what an overnight sensation you’ve become. I have so many questions for you. First thing that really astounds me, Joe, is why you went to the Obama rally when you’re obviously not an Obama supporter. More intriguing is my wondering why in the world you would misrepresent yourself by giving out that line about buying the company you’ve worked for for many years. You’ve obviously not worked for any company for many years and are certainly not in any position to buy it. So why misrepresent yourself, Joe?

As for your tax question, which now seems quite inexplicable seeing as how you’re in no position to buy any company, were you urged to ask that question? It in fact seems strange that you’d be so concerned about taxes since you owe taxes anyway.

I also wonder about John McCain’s having so much information about you at the debate. Were you expecting him to bring up your name? And why, Joe, would you be a McCain supporter when in fact you would be paying less under Obama tax plan than under McCain’s?

And now, you have become a visible supporter of the campaign because, you say, of “principles.” What principle was following in not paying all your taxes? And yet you defend the affluent. You say that people who earn a lot of money should be able to keep it. But, Joe, we would have no democracy without taxation, and quite frankly, the rich have not been paying their fair share. As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “I love to pay taxes because I am paying for democracy.”

McCain-Palin have been saying that people who work should not be working so their money should be given to poor people. Who said that was the case? No one is going around taking from one person to give to another. Most tax money goes to running this country. Taxes are necessary for the government to function.

So, Joe, tell us something else. Have your principles told to pay your own way as you go around with the campaign? How much has the McCain campaign been paying you? What has been covered?

Finally, I can’t get over the fact that you are pushing to get an administration into office who in effect would be working against your own best interests.

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