Friday, July 27, 2012

Der Mitt on the Road

Mitt Romney has decided to go abroad and do the aspiring presidential candidate foreign tour to beef up his credit for being able to handle foreign policy. In less than a day, Romney has proven to be as lacking n perspicacity on foreign soil as he is here. Der Mitt is a disgrace to our country; what an embarrassing performance. In his eagerness to show he knows something about the Olympics, he managed to insult our ally, England--the country known for a couple of centuries as "the mother country." Romney virtually no idea what charm is, much less tact and diplomacy. Certainly contrary to Obama. Let's face it, Romney is a moron compared to Obama, and he cannot be trusted to deal with world leaders, much less with world problems. Being well dressed and having a square-jawed Wall Street look doesn't carry you very far when there is nothing between the ears but ego, arrogance, and hot air. Obama is a world leader. Romney is a world traveler; well, admittedly, his money is probably more well traveled. Weirdly enough, Romney becomes animated only when he conveys an honest thought; unfortunately his honest thoughts are not so nice, as in "Well for Pete's sake, I told him I couldn't have an illegal working for me. I was running for president!" Or his "I bet you ten thousand dollars!" The most brilliant political ad of the campaign is one put out by the Obama team, starring a very willing Mitt singing "American the Beautiful" in a rather unbeautiful off-key rendition that either makes you cringe or laugh.When I laughed (because I can't help it; it's a reflex every time that ad comes on), I tell myself it's okay because no one forced Romney to make such a fool of himself. He seemed to decide to do it all by himself ,and doggedly works his way through the entire song. That song will never be the same for many of us. The only thing truly unfunny is what could happen to this country, to us, if he actually became president. People who think they're smart and capable and aren't can be very dangerous.

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