Friday, August 17, 2012

The Great Campaign of Nastiness

Do you remember the Republican primaries? Of course, how can we forget it? Every time a challenger came near Mitt Romney, his machine blasted the opponent with as much mud as possible. Newt vowed to stay positive and not go negative. Much good it did him. It’s like saying to the big bully that it’s okay, “Go ahead. Hit me. I can take it.” Sure and all the garbage being bandied about lands on the poor guy’s head. It’s that old adage about screaming a lie so many times that enough people will begin to believe it. So, Republicans now blame Obama because he is not prepared to be swift-boated by the Romney people without a fight. Are they kidding? Good for him, I say. And despite whatever negatives they come up with, Obama still manages to talk policy out on the stump, and he has never personally insulted Romney or Ryan (unlike the two of them claiming that Obama wages a campaign of divisiveness and hate). Romney must have looked into the mirror when he made that one up. Obama goes after Romney for his policies, for the history he puts out as qualification to be president (such as it is).

Obama has not been a failure; he has been one of the most successful presidents in my lifetime (and I’m no kid). The healthcare law, referred to so sneeringly by Romney as “Obamacare” is a landmark bill and repealing it would leave millions uninsured and others of us without many new benefits that people are already taking for granted. Since Obama came into office, things have begun to turn around---for the better. Slowly, but positively. And things could be even better if there were a Congress that did not decide that it's number one priority was to make sure the president of the United States could not enact his agenda. I don't understand why the folks at home are not doing more than just giving them low ratings. Like why don't you vote out all those nincompoops who don't seem to realize they are supposed to be doing the business of the country, not of their party?

And as for the business of country, let’s get back to Obama’s accomplishments: four million new jobs, flat spending (yes, you can check that), healthcare reform (and it really is), saving the auto industry, getting bin Ladin. Well, there is a long list, actually, if you took the time to check it out. As for the Dream Act, it would be a great step forward. And the executive order, meanwhile, is not amnesty; ir allows people under the age of thirty who have been here many years and can show that they are solid citizens (by getting an education, serving in the military, etc.) that they can have a legal status. Legal status is not an instant citizenship program, but it is bringing out some wonderful kids from the shadows.

Obama has been a great president. Mitt is a hollow man who likes the idea of being president, but I don't think he has a clue about the job, except to do whatever he can to protect the wealth of his family and his friends. Don’t you find it interesting that he was a governor for one term (total political experience) with a VP who has only been in the House, and that the people of Massachusetts don’t seem particularly impressed with him; Massachusetts is solidly behind Obama. Don’t you think that’s a bit unusual that his one and only political job is never discussed, and those constituents don’t want him for president.

Republican corporate interests, who happily stay anonymous, are dumping hundreds of millions into ads much worse than anything any group on the Democratic side put out. And more to the point, the Republicans started the Great Campaign of Nastiness. That one should expect that the other side would be a passive patsy as John Kerry unfortunately was is unreasonable. Kerry thought that because he was a real hero, he didn’t have to defend himself. Hah! Politics!

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